Maintaining Pleasure in Your Relationship

Aging, raising a family, work responsibilities, fatigue, and daily routine can hinder a healthy and happy sexual life. Consider the effort being made by you and your partner to engage in a healthy and active sex life before assuming the presence of a sexual disorder. If problems persist after a collective effort has been made by you and your partner, talk to your doctor.(1)

Do you and your partner mutually communicate about your sexual needs?

Self Diagnosis

Consider you and your partner’s response to the following questions(1): 

  1. Explain your sexual problem(s) in your own words.

  2. How long has the problem persisted?

  3. How is your emotional intimacy?

  4. Are you restricting sex to bedtime when fatigue may be of influence?

  5. Are both you and your partner’s sexual skills adequate?



  1. Basson R., Women’s Sexual Dysfunction: Revised and Expanded Definitions CMAJ May 10, 2005 vol. 172 no. 10 doi: 10.1503/cmaj.1020174